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  • Third International Workshop for Regulation of Animal Biotechnology
    Hosted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture - Foreign Agriculture Service and Virginia Tech University Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, June 26-30, 2017
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    3rd Intl Workshop Animal Biotech Draft Program for distribution
    3rd Intl Workshop Animal Biotech Meeting Confirmed Speakers

    The overall goal of this workshop is to advance science-based regulations and decision-making processes and to increase the potential for harmonized regulations for animal biotechnologies globally. It is intended to strengthen the capacity of countries, especially in the developing world, to create regulations that will enable safe products of animal biotechnology to reach the market and have the opportunity to be used to help address challenges faced in animal agriculture globally. After an introduction to animal breeding and biotechnologies, sessions of the workshop will address the potential for animal biotechnologies in different production sectors, GE animal risk assessment, issues regarding animal biotechnology and developing countries, case Studies on regulatory experiences with GE animals, harmonization of regulatory approaches focusing on genome-edited animals, regional animal biotechnology oversight issues, and science and risk communication strategies and practice. The workshop will include expert presentations, panel discussions, breakout groups, informal interactions, and an opportunity for active training in communication techniques. For further information, contact Prof. Eric Hallerman at

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